August, 2020

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Issue #131

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A Killing in Coyote Junction
by Victoria Randall
Alex Winter's brother Jake is in jail, accused of murdering the Yates, a young couple homesteading near Coyote Junction. Jake swears he didn't do it, but the townsfolk are thirsty for vengeance. Alex is searching for proof of Jake's innocence, but time is short, and the gallows nearly finished.

* * *

Blood of Abilene
by Samuel Kennedy
Civil war veterans return home, changed forever by their experiences. And a young boy grows into a man, learning to hold his own in the quickly-changing Wild West. But when the time comes for him to put his skills to the test, he finds the results aren't what he expected.

* * *

The Plains in Winter
by Arnold Johnston
Travelers inevitably bump up against those who stay put. The results aren't always pleasant. In this story, a tinker encounters the lone remaining citizen of a dying town. And that sets off events that lead to more death. A US Army troop picks up the pieces of the puzzle.

* * *

by Dawn DeBraal
In 1848 men outnumbered women, two hundred to one. Hadley Whittman's farm is two days ride from Grass Valley. He has chosen a wife from a photo in a mail-order bride magazine. Ulyana from Ukraine, who doesn't speak English. Will she be able to survive the rigors of frontier life?

* * *

Throttle Hogs
by Larry Flewin
Rufus and Abner were two old railroaders who thought they'd seen and done it all, until a baby put them to the test. Was there a doctor anywhere along the line?

* * *

The Damned of Bovee Draw
by Joe Jackson
Robbin' the Three Mile Ranch sounded like a good idea. "A whole wall full of cash," the Colonel said. But they find more than riches lurking at Three Mile. The rumors were a lie and their past resurfaces to remind them of the darkest of truths: The greedy are damned.

* * *

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