June, 2018

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Issue #105

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Mitchell and the Killing at Safford
by Dick Derham
Can an unfaded circle of flannel give ex-con-turned-Wells-Fargo-agent Dave Mitchell and his partner the clue they need to run the killer to ground?

* * *

The Reverend Had a Few Words To Say
by Grant Guy
The Reverend was a man of God, and he lived the Lord's Word. But when the outlaws came to his cabin and threatened his wife and children, which God would he follow? The kind and loving God or the Hell and damnation God?

* * *

To Marry a Gunfighter: A Western Romance, Part 2 of 2
by Buck Immov
Annawest had found her soul mate—she was sure. But this loving man had been a bounty hunter. She had seen men try to kill him. If she let herself love him, could she stand to watch him die? Did she dare take that risk?

* * *

Golden's Spurs
by Keith 'Doc' Raymond, MD
Tallahassee Tim, a nickname for John Golden, was raised by gaudy women in Montana. In San Fransisco, trouble found him and he ended up with a pistol jammed into the back of his neck. He was sure there was no way out for him—was he right?

* * *

The Raid at Nikninisht-ta Peak
by Tom Sheehan
Greed in any range comes back to find the hungriest of all souls, often at the ultimate meeting of a hero and his antagonists, with an alarming twist of time, treasure or the heart of a mountain.

* * *

The High Line Incident
by Mickey Bellman
The High Line shack was a lonely place on the Montana prairie. Bert was not expecting any company, but a single rider was coming. He reached for his Winchester just in case the stranger wanted to "remind" him of the fatal saloon fight a year ago.

* * *

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