February, 2020

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Issue #125

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That Damn Mule
by Loretta Miles Tollefson
A single-minded mountain man, a rain-slicked rock ledge, and a green-broke mule. What could go wrong?

* * *

Quick Draw
by William Nadeau
The gunfighter had stolen young Billy's wife. Billy tracked him into town and braced him in the street—but what hope could a mere cowboy have against a hardened killer?

* * *

Off the B-10 Path
by James Hold
The Yegua Kid roams southwest Texas observing many things. Like the lazy river for which he is named, he keeps to himself and lets life unfold as it will. In this episode the Kid faces a Wild West serial killer.

* * *

Arena Roja
by Justin Deming
Jamie, a young man on his way to Mexico, stumbles upon a town called Arena Roja. While there, he works for a rancher named Roy Olsen, falls in love with a girl, learns of a devious scheme, and gets caught in the middle of a crime ring.

* * *

Thirty Days 'Til Freedom
by Samuel Kennedy
The Transcontinental Railroad pushes westward, into the Nebraska Territory. As a nation grows and recovers from the pain of war, gunman Jonas Farragut and railroad man Boss Teague face the ghosts they bring with them from the East, along with new dangers unique to the West.

* * *

Clear Creek Bounty, Part 1 of 3
by Benjamin Thomas
Leland Gordon and his granddaughter "Charlie" make for an unlikely pair of bounty hunters. To bring in the murderous Frank Padgett and his gang, they'll need a smart plan. Playing snake-oil salesmen in a mining camp? Hiring a notorious Pinkerton detective? Whatever it takes!

* * *

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