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Pricing Information

We offer our print anthologies for sale to contributing authors. We sell them at a discount, which allows authors the opportunity to offer their work for sale at a profit. Here's how the discount cost is determined:

Each anthology has a Suggested Retail Price. There is also a Print Cost, which we must pay the printing company. The difference between the Suggested Retail Price and the Print Cost is the Gross Profit.

We offer our authors a 50/50 split of the gross profit. For instance, if an anthology costs $15.00 at retail, and costs $5.00 to print, the gross profit would be $10.00. That means we would sell that book to an author for $10.00 ($5.00 print cost + one-half the gross profit). The author is then free to sell that copy for the suggested retail of $15.00, earning $5.00 profit. The price the author sells the book for is entirely up to the author. If you choose to give it away, you would lose $10.00, but if you choose to sell it for $20.00, you would have a profit of $10.00. It's up to you.

Don't forget the shipping cost. That begins at $3.59 for one copy and becomes less expensive, per copy, for larger orders. For instance, an order of 50 copies has a shipping charge of $23.00, or $0.46 per copy. Clearly, the more books you order, the lower the shipping cost per book. But you don't want to order too many copies or else you might end up with a closet (or a garage!) full of books. Order what you think you can sell and/or give away. Don't go overboard here. You can always order more copies later.

Let us know if you have any questions.