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Why should you submit to Frontier Tales?

Did you know that Frontier Tales was named the 3rd best Ezine on the web for 2013? See for yourself: Click here!

And did you know that your editor was named #8 in the Top Ten Ezine Editors for 2013? Check it out here!
"I want you to know how much I enjoy Frontier Tales. There are too few places for good westerns – for good tales, period – and I appreciate and value your magazine. I was lucky enough to get a story in it (Boylan's Raiders) and I see that as an honor. The great movie critic Andre Bazin said that there was no hierarchy of genres only of artists. The western genre is looked down on because the tale is. Maybe with the openness of the internet more true stories can be made public. In a way the frontier is here again. Anyway, thanks for your magazine."
Steve Myers
"I would also like to thank you for the opportunity you offered me when Frontier Tales was in its infancy. When And Hell Came With Him won Best Story for April 2010, it was a tremendous boost for me and showed me I could write. I have a novella coming out as an e-book soon called Ride The Savage Land. I think you are partly responsible for that by giving me the opportunity to hone my skills and showcase my stories. I'll always be grateful for that."
Larry Payne
Chandler, AZ
"I look forward to enjoying the stories in Frontier Tales each month, and chuckle at the interesting plot twists created by fellow western fiction writers. I appreciate your efforts in providing a forum for this genre."
William Hubbart