March, 2020

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Issue #126

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Lottie of the Lode
by Aren Lerner
Sent to the Comstock Lode as a detective for a case involving repeated stagecoach robberies, John Bramwell finds that Virginia City holds other riches besides silver. With the charming personality of a soiled dove named Lottie dominating his thoughts, will John be able to fulfill his mission?

* * *

by T.L. Simpson
Marshall Verge can only drown his suffering in liquor for so long before he succumbs to the cycle of murder that took his wife and his child. Guided by an old crone's prophetic vision, Verge sets off on a quest for revenge.

* * *

The Circuit Rider
by Shaun M. Jex
Ten years ago, Silas Turner and Jesse Waters murdered a young man by the banks of the Cottonwood Creek. They'd almost forgotten the incident until a mysterious circuit rider arrives at their camp in the Arbuckles, bearing a story of grace and damnation.

* * *

No More Flyin on Past
by James Heidinga
I had till May 31st to get married and be livin on the ranch, for to inherit. It was May 28th and I had no prospect in sight. I needed to find me a woman what was willin', inherit the ranch, and then get out from under. Whoo boy.

* * *

Clear Creek Bounty, Part 2 of 3
by Benjamin Thomas
Leland Gordon and his granddaughter "Charlie" make for an unlikely pair of bounty hunters. To bring in the murderous Frank Padgett and his gang, they'll need a smart plan. Playing snake-oil salesmen in a mining camp? Hiring a notorious Pinkerton detective? Whatever it takes!

* * *

The Aztec Raiders
by Tom Sheehan
Few of their countrymen would believe where they had been and what they had accomplished . . . gone deep into Mexico and brought home a chunk of the Aztec treasury, right out of one of Montezuma II's formidable Holy Caissons.

* * *

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