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Terry Alexander
Double Event, Issue 3.
Milo, Issue 6.
Split Nose, Issue 8.
The Hanging, Issue 11.

Ronnie Ashmore
The Game, Issue 24.

John Biggs
Sky Stone, Issue 44.

William Brewer
Running From Trouble, Issue 27.

Tony Burnett
The Willow Garden, Issue 29.

C. Allan Butkus
Showdown On Old Man River, Issue 8.
Shadows on Pea Ridge, Issue 11.

Greg Camp
Windward Rock, Part One, Issue 3.
Windward Rock, Part Two, Issue 4.
The Driving Flame, Issue 15.

David Carrigan
Grover Martinson, Issue 43.

David Carrillo
The Belle of Wagoner House, Issue 22.

Al Carty
In Concert, Issue 15.
Barton's Well, Issue 17.

Oscar Case
Travelling to the Rocky Mountains in 1847,
Issue 8.
Butch Cassidy and the Thirsty Old Man,
Issue 16.

D.L. Chance
Brady Hammer Stole a Pie, Issue 19.
Line Shack Winter, Part 1 of 2, Issue 42.
Line Shack Winter, Part 2 of 2, Issue 43.
A Shootout in Jerome, Issue 46.

Kevin Crisp
Doing Right by Dodd, Issue 36.
Tucker's Homecoming, Issue 45.

Myles Culbertson
Bud Clayton, Issue 29.

J. J. Daniels
On the Heels of Carter Gray, Issue 40.

Ray Dean
Gum Shan's Hidden Treasure, Issue 39.

Matthew Dexter
Forgiving Wind, Issue 19.

Edward Downie
Virtue's Shootout, Issue 7.

John H. Dromey
Ingenious Gentleman, Issue 36.

John Duncklee
It Happened in Oso, Issue 19.
Brokeback Foothill, Issue 25.

C. F. Eckhardt
The Interview, Issue 16.
Who Killed Oliver Thornton?, Issue 18.
How the Irish Saved Texas, Issue 20.
The Headless Horseman of the Nueces,
Issue 23.
Coming Home, Issue 43.

Donald Emigh
Poco Muerte, Issue 34.
What Really Happened at Prairie Wells, Issue 41.

Samuel Engelman
Kings Over Jacks, Issue 34.

Jim Fischer
Up Against the Wall, Issue 10.

Dave P. Fisher
Mrs. Reynolds, Issue 31.

Elmer Fralick, Jr.
No Harm in Them, Issue 2.

Bob Gass
Fills the Kettle, Issue 34.

Russell Gayer
Deadeye Dick, Issue 5.

P. B. Hampton
Dust Devils, Part 1, Issue 39.
Dust Devils, Part 2, Issue 40.
Dust Devils, Part 3, Issue 41.
Dust Devils, Part 4, Issue 42.

Bud Hanks
Workin' For A Dollar, Issue 7.
Stagecoach Mary, Issue 14.
Introduction to a Gunfighter, Issue 24.

Dave Hardy
Nightfall in the Sierras, Issue 32.

RLB Hartmann
Laramie Gambler, Issue 49.

Nancy Hartney
The White Oak's Tale, Issue 12.
Ephraim's Birthday, Issue 49.

Mark Hinton
Cottonwood Death, Issue 27.

J. B. Hogan
Last Rider: Coming Off the Trail, Issue 6.
Last Rider: Nopal, Texas, Issue 9.
Last Rider: Working The Line, Part One,
Issue 12.
Last Rider: Working The Line, Part Two,
Issue 13.
Last Rider: Sedalia, Missouri,
Issue 17.
Last Rider: Black Hills Gold,
Issue 18.
Death on the Trail of Tears,
Issue 30.
Issue 35.

Dave Hoing
The Window, Part 1, Issue 22.
The Window, Part 2, Issue 23.
The Dead Line, Issue 25.
Mercy, Issue 31.

Kenneth Mark Hoover
White Hawk, Issue 6.
Redemption Bound, Issue 23.

Jeanie Horn
Making Their Stand, Issue 29.

William S. Hubbartt
Caleb's Courage, Issue 35.
The Spirit of Sonora, Issue 38.

Gary Ives
Cowboy Luck, Issue 20.
Indian Agent, Issue 24.
Renegade, Issue 28.
The Short Life of a Galvanized Yankee, Issue 35.

David Jacob
A Good Day at Black Ridge,
Issue 28.

Laura K. Johnson
A Woman's Work, Issue 31.

Craig Jones
A Brief History of the U.S. Marshals Service,
Issue 4.

Pamela Jones
Ozark Child, Issue 12.

Ian Jordan
Crazy Loon, Issue 13.

Hal Kempka
The Right Thing To Do, Issue 36.

Daniel J. Kirk
Justice is Silent, Issue 42.

Mike Koch
Massacre at Guadalupe Canyon, Issue 11.


Larry Lefkowitz
Billy's Tailor, Issue 10.

John R. Lindermuth
Solomon's Misjudgement, Issue 24.

D. Kirts Lewis
Bait, Issue 26.

Kristen Lynch
The Spring, Issue 30.
A Good Man, Issue 42.

Edward Massey
Daughter of the Pioneers, Issue 30.

Erik Martin
Judgment Hill, Issue 12.

Ellen Gray Massey
What Happened to Pa?, Issue 1.
The Little Crooked Finger, Issue 9.
Freedom Ford, Issue 11.
The Hog Lot Shooting, Issue 14.
We Won't Tell. Ever., Issue 15.

Jenean McBrearty
Blazin' a Trail, Issue 46.

Mark Mellon
Buzzards Circle Dogtown, Part 1 of 2, Issue 46.

Steve Myers
Captain Boylan's Raiders, Issue 40.

Leslie G. Nelson
Saloon Girls, Issue 40.

Kenneth Newton
Apache Gold, Part One, Issue 5.
Apache Gold, Part Two, Issue 6.
Apache Gold, Part Three, Issue 7.
Only The Legend, Issue 13.
The Stock Detective, Issue 21.
Heaven, Issue 36.

Larry Payne
Medicine Show, Issue 5.
And Hell Came With Him, Part One, Issue 7.
And Hell Came With Him, Part Two, Issue 8.
Hangman's Noose, Part One, Issue 9.
Hangman's Noose, Part Two, Issue 10.
The Night Visitor, Issue 28.
The Reverend Mister Black, Issue 37.
The Badge of Lucius Maddox, Issue 46.

Nancy Peacock
Unfinished Business, Issue 44.

Matthew Pizzolato
Marked for Death, Issue 4.
Vengeance is Mine, Issue 9.

Connie Vigil Platt
Triangle of Desire, Issue 25.

John Putnam
Bottomless Bartlett's Beautiful Bride, Issue 10.
Firebaugh's Ferry, Issue 13.
Payback at Murderer's Bar, Issue 17.
Stoddard's Gold, Part 1, Issue 25.
Stoddard's Gold, Part 2, Issue 26.
Stoddard's Gold, Part 3, Issue 27.

Dusty Richards
When the Jingle Bob Job Was Over, Issue 1.
Deek and Lucie, Issue 46.

Jeff Richards
The Lord in This, Issue 18.
Somebody's Darling, Issue 26.
The Promise, Issue 30.

L. L. Rigsbee
The Nester, Issue 34.

Nina Romano
Cayo Bradley, Issue 19.

Robert Lowell Russell
Leave the Stone, Issue 28.

Sandra Seamans
The Undertakers, Issue 7.

Randall Schmidt
Salvation, Issue 21.
Comida, Issue 39.

Ken Sieben
The Lost Colony, Issue 20.

Tom Sheehan
The Horseman of the Davidos, Issue 17.
A Saddle in the Desert, Issue 20.
The Legend of Blue Soldier Riding, Kiowa, Issue 21.
The New Balkan Empire, Issue 25.
A Freighter's Connection, Issue 27.
Chigger Boom and the Night the Devil Broke Loose, Issue 28.
Crossing Waters: Two Fathoms Down, Issue 49.

Nancy Cole Silverman
Ode to Kokopelli, Issue 32.

Steve Smith
Wild Horse Spring, Issue 32.

Adam Sprague
A Game of Cards, Issue 37.

Kathleen Sprayberry
Brothers Under the Skin, Issue 2.
Desert Rose — Bounty Hunter, Issue 16.
Jackie Ryan — US Marshal, Issue 18.
The Preacher's Daughter, Issue 26.

Chad Strong
Blue Sky and Grey Smoke, Issue 28.
The Crossing, Part 1, Issue 43.
The Crossing, Part 2, Issue 44.

Jason Stuart
Screaming Woman, Part 1, Issue 21.
Screaming Woman, Part 2, Issue 22.
Screaming Woman, Part 3, Issue 23.

Stuart Suffel
Dealing From the Bottom, Issue 41.

Tim Tobin
The Buzzard's Tale, Issue 38.

Bill Van Horn
Nature's Weapons, Issue 27.
Mr. Kenney's Scout, Part 1, Issue 37.
Mr. Kenney's Scout, Part 2, Issue 38.

Ruth Weeks
The Tale of Smokey & Harry Butts, Issue 4.

P. Garret Weiler
Wanderlust, Issue 35.
Burden of Duty, Issue 41.
Comanche Moon, Issue 45.

Willy Whiskers
Women of Action, Issue 22.
The Wagoner's Present, Issue 29.
Sheriff Billy Blowbag, Issue 38.
When Santa Fell to Earth, Issue 39.
The Witch and the Gandy Dancer, Issue 48.

Steve Whisnant
Adrift Again, Issue 4.

Big Jim Williams
They're Gonna Hang Durango, Part 1, Issue 45.

Sumner Wilson
Manifest Destiny, Issue 31.
Manifest Destiny, Issue 32.
Manifest Destiny, Issue 33.
Blacksnake, Issue 49.

Josh Wittenberg
Under the Outhouse, Issue 29.

Gerry Wright
The Old Ranger, Issue 5.
Incident at Eagle's Bluff, Issue 14.

Kyle Yadlosky
Property Rights, Issue 45.

Lowell "Zeke" Ziemann
Draped Over the Saddle, Issue 30.
Doc's Warning: "Play Poker!", Issue 37.
Incident at Canyon Diablo, Issue 44.